WitKey | Infrastructure support and change services

Infrastructure support and change services

The IT changes in accordance with the growth, strategy and business development of your company.

To remain competitive, it is mandatory to manage IT changes to include new technologies (such as virtualization) that bring agility and rationalization. This is one of the first step in the process of transformation to cloud computing.

wITkey positions itself as a partner close to its customers in the framework of IT changes.

  • Virtualization of applications , datas , user access (desktop)
  • Telecom and networks
  • Streamlining of data access (storage and backup policies)
  • Transformation of IT to move to a cloud computing architecture (even in a private cloud such as IAAS or PAAS )
  • Urbanization of the IT in a single data center or to an hosting or outsourcing company
  • Workflow, access and datas security
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